Thursday, May 21, 2009

1st stop

Greeting from tropical Pittsburgh Pennsylvania!

I wrote the following in JFK but had no internet there:

Waving goodbye to my mom, it hit me. I am on my own now. It was incredibly intimidating staring at the large Delta Terminal and thinking this is the start of an epic journey across the western hemisphere. It sorta reminded me of that scene in "Airplane" when Stryker stared at the airplane and the cheesy dramatic music played in the background :-P. Despite this intimidation I gathered the courage to get through security and take those very difficult first steps of many on my voyage across the Pacific.

Now I am next to my gate at JFK eating my gourmet airport meal of Wendy’s grilled chicken. In addition I am doing my usual routine of people watching. Its funny that everyone seems to anxious to get on their plane. Why do we as people rush to get to our destination so quickly? We do it in cars also (I certainly did it on the way to JFK). Maybe this summer will let me enjoy the journey through life a bit more? (...some narcotics on a my 17 hour flight might help...) But seriously, sometimes we take for granted where we are in life at the moment. It sounds so cheesy but I am thinking about living each day as it was our last, and cherishing every moment for what it is. ..Time to board.


Currently I am in Pittsburgh, I saw that my flight from Guam to Palau has a stop in the Caroline Islands, so make that another stop on my journey!! woot! I am waiting till 4am to check in all my baggage to Continental Airlines and then leave for Palau! Hopefully if I don't sleep tonight I will PASS OUT more easily on my plane ride. Right now I am just too tired to even comprehend everything thats about to happen.

so, maybe I will have internet in Houston or Honolulu... If not, see you all in Palau!

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