Tuesday, May 26, 2009

rain rain go away

It rained here yesterday. A lot. not like buckets, we are talking truckloads of rain. I think it is a rain forest climate here so that explains it. I was able to get a nice shot of the rainbow afterwords, hopefully I can upload it. But after that, it began to rain again. We again did not do much at work because we are awaiting to fill out some paper work.

On our way to dinner we passed by the Palau national gymnasium and saw that the Taiwanese navy was playing the Palau team. It was a really strange and funny site to see the laid back locals cheering on the sidelines and then, on the other side, bleachers filled with what looked like the entire Taiwanese navy cheering in sync with every point scored. Pictures and video hopefully coming soon.

For dinner we went to a local restuarant which was the cheapest family style food ever. 2.50, HUGE plate of fried rice, 7.00 massive soup = 9.50 meal for 4 people. I am a very euphoric Jew right now...CHEAP ASIAN FOOD!!!!!!

Today we might be finally getting started on outlining our project...hopefully.

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