Monday, May 25, 2009

breaking into a resort

So, after getting off the day of work, Yixin and I got an email from Kate with directions on how to get to their apartment. They were about two blocks from us. We arrived and made plans for dinner.

After this Yixin and I explored the other end of the island to find a nice inlet where people swam, and even better an AMAZING resort. Taking advantage of the fact that we look like rich Americans we got in, and then looked around.

It was something out of a movie. Amazing pool, man-made beach, dock to see the island, and lots and lots of rich Japanese families. We decided we must come back and take advantage of this resort. (Maybe today after work?)

The view:

Dinner was again delicious and cheap. Time for sleep for another day at the MOE.

The Ministry of Education:

Yay! another picture got uploaded!


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