Monday, May 25, 2009

Eel story

So I am currently sitting at work for my boss to show response quite in the time I realized I left out a very interesting aspect of our adventure yesterday on the island.

while walking around we a nice park next to a night club. There was a beautiful view:

And a group of three Islanders cooking something. After taking pictures they motioned to have us come over and try what they were cooking. we reluctantly agreed. We arrived and found an entire EEL on their bbq. They explained they just caught it and were cooking it. We each took a piece and dipped it in their homemade soy sauce and ate:

"Slimy yet satisfying" are the apt words to truly describe the experience.

They then proceeded to offer us some of the fish guts, Yixin ate, but I passed.

Enough staring at this water! I want to jump in it! We are making plans to go kayaking this weekend so yay!

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