Thursday, July 16, 2009

Coolest run ever

So yesterday after a relatively uneventful day at work I went for my usual run to Malakal Hill. I was running on the bridge that goes right by long island park and was looking out at the water. Then I heard a loud splash in the water, and saw a fin in the water. I was certain it was a shark and went to have a closer look. Then what I saw took my breath away. In the water were 4 sting rays circling right along the rocky shore. The fin was actually the tip of the wing of one. Three of them were about 3 feet across, brown with white spots. The last one was HUGE, maybe about 1.5 meters across and was white with brown spots. They looked like were flying in the water, it was the coolest thing ever. I stopped my run and just stared at them for 5 minutes. I saw that they were circling around and I decided to SPRINT back to my apartment and get my camera, because rays are generally rare to see. Especially a group of 4. I sprinted back and forth and return to the same spot and was amazed to see that they were still circling in the water.

I took a few pictures and then they turned away from the shore and glided out to the water. I then ran to the point at long island park. And to my surprise they gave me one last show as the glided by in deeper water. It was like they were saying goodbye (probably not, but it felt like it).

So yesterday was kinda a down day at work, the skies were cloudy and was a pretty lame day. But it just goes to show how unexpectedly you can see something beautiful that can make your day...(gah, im such a cheese ball)


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