Thursday, July 2, 2009

I love mother nature...


It was beautiful all this week, and then once the weekend hits she decides that rainstorms are a necessity. Oy, but being that today is Friday...Indian Buffet at Taj!!!!!! As always the TCinGC crew, along with Laura, stormed our favorite Friday lunch buffet and stuffed ourselves with AMAZING Indian food and nan bread. I am so full right now, it hurts to breath...

We are officially certified scuba divers! We all passed the exam and we were invited to go diving this Sunday!!! Now instead of diving off a random beach, we are going to a real dive spot. We are going to Blue Holes and Blue Corner, which some consider some of the best dive sites in the world. Google them for some more information.

Tomorrow is July 4th here in Palau. It will be interesting to see what July 4th is like when you are out of the country. I think we decided on doing some exploration on the big island by renting a car.

Lastly we are bug bashing our software, fixing all bugs we find. I fixed the high school issue cleanly and now the software works for all grade levels.

I hope everyone has an awesome July 4th wherever you are!!!!

Have a great weekend!


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