Sunday, July 19, 2009


So reader's digest version of my weekend:

Saturday => ouch, hangover. Rain rain rain. re-did my resume!! ^_^...zzzz...

Sunday => Scuba with Mi!!!

Blue corner again! Better than first time. Saw a school of barracuda fish!!! F-ton of sharks. Turtles! Napoleon Wrasses! Tuna that was so big we thought was a shark at first...And more schools of tuna.

New-Drop off. Coral, coral, coral, sharks, coral, fish school, coral, sharks, I <3 scuba.

Snorkeling at Clam City. => Tried diving without gear, got to 10m. Dangerous but if you breath out on the way up you're lungs won't over expand.

Got back home. Went souvenir shopping. Haggled with local business, got great deals! jooooooo.

boot leg movies...zzzz....

Work week, sun, tan.


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