Tuesday, July 7, 2009


So part of our project is not just to build a software for the ministry of education, its also to fully train all the staff on how to sustain it. That means we need to make sure when we leave, they are fully independent to take care of it and fix any thing wrong that happens. This is very tricky because we need to make our product as error-proof as possible, we also need to think in advance problems that can occur.

This is the current stage of our work. We are holding a meeting today at 1 with all the test creation people to go through our manual.

Last week they used our software for creating a report for the national PAT (Palau Achievement Test). They finished the report in 2 days. It usually takes them till *OCTOBER* to finish. It was pretty exciting seeing it work in a real situation.

Tomorrow is Constitution Day here in Palau. NO WORK! yay! Hopefully we will be going on a scuba trip.

Alright, back to preparing for our meeting.


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