Sunday, July 5, 2009

scuba trip

4th of July = nothing here...went out for some burgers and shouted "merica!" to each other and that was about it. Kinda a down day from my stand point.

Sunday however, we went on an AMAZING scuba trip to Blue Holes and Blue Corner. Rather than goign into boring details I'll just share my favorite moments.

Blue Holes were these massive holes in coral gardens that went to 30m deep. Incredible feeling sinking down and looking up and seeing nothing but blue. We saw a file-clam, which does this weird electric thing. Lots o-fish and coral, and amazing underwater structures.

Blue Corner is Palau's Aquarium as many people put it. Just schools and schools and schools of fish everywhere (including gray reef sharks!!!). I had one swim a foot away from my face. At one point we just clipped into the reef and sat and watched the fish swim around us. There was a Napoleon Wrasse that came to visit. HUUUUGE FISH. About 6 ft long and just stared at us. It was awesome. Then a school of tuna was just sitting there (you know that scene in finding nemo with the school of fish doing impressions?, it was like that). But then at one point they just swam right into us! It was awesome.

We had lunch on this AMAZING long sandy white beach. It jutted out so far into the water but then the tide started to come in, and the water went up to your calves. And then a shark swam by my feet, it was awesome. They were also filming a survivor challenge on it! We saw them set up everything, it was pretty neat.

We then stopped at Jelly Fish lake again so Kate can go experience it. Same O' Jelly fish waiting for us to frolic.

I'm going to steal pictures from online that I found:

Where we went diving:

School O' fish:

Blue Hole:

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