Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Looking down

So I realized yesterday I have this very bad habit of looking down while walking. If I would only look up more I can look less depressed and see whats around me. *note to self* look up some more.

The past two days at work have been very uneventful. I am working with the English Specialist (person who makes the English standardized tests) and teaching her how to use our software some more. She is very nice and very thankful for what we've done.

Next week they have an education conference here in Palau and they asked Yixin and I to give seminars on whatever we want. I am going to give one on how to use excel as grade books. Paaarty.

Mi gave me lots of her Korean Pop songs on her computer. So much fun! I recommend checking out "Nobody" - Wonder Girls, so bad but so good.

About Two weeks left here in Palau. Still have to get my rent money back and buy souvenirs for everyone!

Have a great Thursday everyone!



  1. and if you like the wonder girls, then you've officially hit musical rock bottom...haha