Tuesday, June 9, 2009

3 Rs: running, raining, and writing

So Kate and I went running the other day at 6am. I did not enjoy it while doing it, but I felt better for the rest of day (ate tons).

It has been raining every day this week, which in my mind is a good thing. First it did not rain at all during the weekend and I am sure the crops here need the rain. Second I don't feel as bad spending my day inside coding. haha.

Speaking of crops I guess I'll mention what is a typical Palauan meal. The staples of the country are Taro (that potatoy vegetable that's different colors), Tapioca (So gross as a vegetable, but they love it, fresh tapioca => the bubble tea here is epic), and Limes (OMFG, best limes of my life, you can eat them like oranges and they are so tasty. Its what makes the iced tea here incredible). And then fish, lots and lots and lots of fish, and pretty much anything else they eat from the ocean. One day they brought in Turtle for us to try. Tastes like very very very very dark turkey meat, except its not turkey....its Turtle.

There is a national swim meat coming up soon, I think we are planning on entering it and having fun swimming with the Palauns! This week we are also looking for cheap places to get scuba certified.

Things I miss: youtube, SYTYCD, and Chipotle.

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