Monday, June 15, 2009

Hi Mom...I'm still alive

Mom: Read the title.

Yesterday was a typical day here in Palau. Woke up, went to work. Got two applications of the software completed and interacting with databases. Then I went for a run after work and after wards I went to the park and just stared out into the water for about an hour. Then for dinner I had num num num. They gave me some Giant Clam Sashimi. Which was very interesting. (crunchy than you would expect)...I also think its an endangered species....hmmmm....not in Palau though, they are EVERYWHERE.

work work work.


  1. yea its the great white capital of the world...but im still here with all my appendages functioning.

    does your mom actually read this?

  2. actually, i was wondering if she really read it too...

    I will start commenting less/block my blog.