Thursday, June 11, 2009

"Consider yourself very warned at very white"

That's what the swim official told me when I false started :-P

Swimming was fun, I am not in the same swimming shape I was in when I was in high school, but s'all good. I was on a relay team with the Palauan girl who swam at the Olympics though! That was cool.

Since its Friday we went to our amazing Indian food buffet. We met a girl from new zealand there who also works at the MOH. She was very friendly and will probably do the scuba diving certification with us. Yay!

To answer James' Questions. My apartment is on the main city island of Koror about a 5 min walk from two bridges to other islands. There are no beaches here, it all goes from mangrove->water. All the beaches I mention are man-made or on the main (big) island a long drive away. So yes, I am in a city, but a city with 13,000 people in it, with the tallest building being 4 stories tall (Except the hotels, but they don't count). The nightlife here consists of bars filled with locals and tourists sharing stories from their days. Its not quite the dance on the bar top scene, but its very relaxed like many things in the Palaun Society. We heard of a local dance club, which I think we plan on going to eventually which will be an interesting story once we go there.

Four, I have killed 4 people in bar fights.

Tomorrow we are going to the Palauan Pacific resort because there is an open water swim they are sponsoring. Then we are free to hang around all day on their beach and pool. Huzzah.

Sunday we might start our scuba lessons. Huzzah again!

Happy Friday Everyone!

Next post will be on Monday.

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  1. Four, I have killed 4 people in bar fights.

    I love you. That made my morning.