Wednesday, June 10, 2009

yum sashimi and dogs everywhere!

So living here in Palau I have developed a new love for Sashimi. It's really incredible here. The fish just melts in your mouth. Last night we went to a bar and got Pokke style Sashimi (it was mixed with spices, oil, and soy sauce). Om num num num num.

Today its part one of the national swim meet. I'm excited to be swimming amongst the Palauans, should be fun.

So in Palau dogs here just walk around the streets aimlessly. They are not violent, they actually go up to you and beg you to be petted. I usually pass because they also look very dirty. But they also howl together at *3AM* when an ambulance drives past. So I love being woken up by dogs howling and then occasional roster joining along at 3am. But it's all good, just part of the culture here.

Laura, I can see you from here, jeez how I can I miss something I can see from the other side of the globe?


  1. are you staying in a city or on the beach? I can't really tell from your posts.

    Is there a nightlife? Bars? Are they fun?

    How many people have you killed in a bar fight?

  2. it's like a cup on a watermelon!