Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Palau and my future

Life here in Palau is steady as always. Beautiful skies all the time and sunshine shining through my office window. Today we started documenting the work we have done. Yixin is doing all the specification work while I am documenting the technical aspect of it.

I felt leet ( CS lingo for awesome ) today when I debugged a minor bug in 5 minutes when it could have taken all day to fix but I found it right away. muhahahahahah

Today I started to have some realizations about next year. It is my last scheduled year at CMU. I have NO idea what waits for me afterwords. Should I apply to PhD programs? Do more work with global technology development? Go into industry? Moderately freaking out. But it will work out in the end...usually does.

This evening we are taking the scuba written test to get our license to dive. Multiple choice exam!!! I haven't taken one of those in a looooong time.

Happy Hump-Day (did you know that's what Wednesday is called?!)


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