Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Muddy Frisbee Game

So yesterday was an awesome day here in Palau.

For lunch we went to the deli right by the MOE. I never saw that on their menu they had 5 dollar bento meals. So for 5 dollars you got a salad, sushi, fish, and some veggies. Incredible! Won't be my last time there. Work is starting to get a bit more intense because we are developing an online spreadsheet catered to fixing database problems when uploading scanned responses to exams. Oy gevalt! But once we get through this hard part, the rest will be easy.

After work we got invited to play ultimate frisbee with some of the Army Cadets and Peace Corps peps. It just poured that afternoon so it was very very muddy, but that made it all the better. There a lot of Palauns walking around the track while we played intense ultimate in the mud. They would cheer whenever someone would make a big dive to catch the frisbee. We played till sunset. After a much needed shower, we went out to a dinner at a resort. Yixin met the owner at the beach and they bonded because they are both Chinese and when we arrived she generously gave us half of this HUGE crab for an appetizer. It was so delicious. Then after some desert we played some cards and hit the hay for another day of work.

I am at work now and this form is very difficult, but hopefully I can get it done by the end of the day.

Happy Wednesday?


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  1. all you ever talk about is food man.

    you doing anything besides getting fat?