Wednesday, June 3, 2009

veggie burgers....oy oy!

So yesterday was a good day of work. We started hammering out what tasks need to get done and the project is becoming closer and closer to becoming a reality!

We have to now create a scope of work, sorta like a contract to our supervisor saying: this is what we are going to do. Now is the time to let us know if we are missing something. Enough about work

Yesterday for dinner we went to get a Veggie Burger. It was GODLY. Tasted just like a real burger (It thought it was one a first). It had this weird sauce they made at the burger stand, but was sooo good. om num num num...again showing that they love food here.

So some Palaun tidbits. Yes in Palaun is pronounced "OY". so after every sentence they would say: "OY OY", just how they can imagine how that feels for me. haha. Alii is hello, Deuck is no, Salaong is Thank you. And many others. I tried to fit these into my daily speech practices.

They are also very laid back here. Daily life is very slow paced, and if I want something to get done. I must be very very diligent in reminding someone that it needs to get done today. It was a bit a culture shock when I got here because no one was doing anything! but I learned how things work around the office eventually.

They also do this thing here where they chew these nuts filled with limestone powder and tobacco. Its called "Betel Nut Chewing" They do it everywhere. And they carry around spit bottles to spit it. Its very normal to just see people spitting into bottles, but they love it here and no one judges. Often there are signs saying: no spitting. More culture facts to come.

Hopefully this weekend we can actually go kayaking and snorkling...(as long as it doesn't rain!) Hope all is well for everyone!


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  1. ...lazy and chewing? That sounds like West Virginia.