Thursday, June 4, 2009


Its Friday! yay!

Work is going well. We might finally start implementation of some code. The other day I built the databases we are going to use. For those of you competent in database logic here's the design I proposed:

We had a great meal for dinner last night. One of the Ministry of Health employees offered to talk us out to this great bar/restaurant by the water. I got some sashimi and sweet and sour fish and a drink (hehe). It was AMAZING. Pretty sure they just caught the fish for us and then cooked it right out of the water:

We had a long discussion on Palauan Culture.

Dina (the MOH employee) explained that marriage in Palau is after the birth of the first child. And the ceremony involves bathing the mother in herbs as she presents herself to the Father's family. The purpose is that the mother explains to the father's family that she is health and has given birth to a healthy child and now they are ready to start a family. THEN they are married. I guess they are not very strict on pre-martial sex here! But if you have a kid, better make sure you made up your mind.

The market next to work has this awesome coffee in a can from Japan. Its called Pokke. I'm moderately obsessed (its only 50 cents!!!!...sorry Jew moment). yep, good story. Today we are going to a Indian food buffet! om num num num num.

I love how all these entries involve food. But this country revolves around it, so get used to it! Expect a long post on Monday about my weekend!!!!

Have a great Friday everyone and an amazing weekend!!!!

(and thanks James for commenting!...I've been starting lots of bar fights here to practice for when I get back!)



  1. if i ever have the chance to, ill be sure to snap some up!

  2. HA HA HA HA HA.

    1.) I love the shout-out.
    2.) I'm really excited to go bar-fighting with you, back in the States.