Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Climbing Malakal Hill and Mr. Song

So in honor of the sun being out yesterday I decided to go on a run. I ran past Long Island (the swimming park) all the way down to this park called Ice Box Park.

However I saw this road going up this hill so I decided to stop running and walk up it. At the top I saw an awesome view of some of the rock islands in the distance and took some pictures. Afterwords I went to icebox park to walk around. I saw that the corals and fish there were quiet large, maybe a good place to go swimming (being that we are growing sick of long island).

That night we met with our scuba diving instructor: Mr Song. He is a very timid and small Korean man who speaks minimal English. He is giving us a large discount because he wants to practice his English by teaching us scuba diving. Mi will help obviously in case the language barrier is too much. I am so excited to go scuba diving. I have been reading the book and watching the (painfully awful) instructional videos so I am ready to do it. In case you didn't know, Palau has international acclaim among divers because the main diving magazine recently called Palau the number one spot in the world for scuba diving. Mr Song then explained that some sharks might stop by at some points so not to be worried, and be privileged that Palau is one of the only places that you can see sharks while getting scuba certified.

My only fear is that once I go scuba diving here in Palau, everything else will be a bore...haha.

We are starting to test our software with one of the worker here, and they seemed pleased with our design.

oh! and yesterday for lunch I ate in the office because they made this awesome fish (one I've never heard of) cooked in this butter sauce. It was incredible, best fish I've ever eaten. Then on the side there was some sting ray...that was a bit more...slimy. I am really expanding my taste pallet here in Palau...First Turtle Soup, Giant Clam, and now Sting Ray.

However the big climax of my eating experience is on its way. It is also very common here in Palau to eat Fruit Bat Soup...served with a fruit bat in it...If it wasn't 35 dollars a bowl I would have tried it already, but I think we are going to wait a bit more to order that at the restaurant.

Happy Thursday!



  1. the end got super-Jewish and made my day.

    Also: I've had this blog, since I started to read your blog, so...I'm just going to say that you don't care about me as a person and suck at life.

    I'm leaving August 1st for LA. Coming back for a few days. Then off to Spain, September 3rd.

  2. Arggh I'm so jealous you get to scuba in palau... I've been to some nice places for scuba but palau is literally the best and you WILL be bored trying to dive in the US.
    $35 a bowl? live a little! ahah very jew moment.